The Brambles began as a labor of love by its owners, Clyde and Mary Forrest. More than a decade ago the couple felt a calling to care for intellectually disabled (ID) adults and adults with autism.  

As ID children who lived with their families became adults, the burden of care on aging parents and the potential for increased health problems resulted in hard decisions for parents and guardians, who often found themselves unable to care for their loved ones. Finding a home-like setting where a son, daughter, or sibling could receive proper support care and live the rest of his/her life proved to be challenging.

The Forrests decided to adapt their own house, moving with their two young sons into smaller quarters and opening their home to the first resident, “Johnny”.

Shortly after “Johnny”, two more adults came to the home. Both Clyde and Mary received training and certification to help them better care for ID adults, who often suffer from other physical disabilities.

Today, the Forrests own and operate ten private group homes in Mathews County and a day support center that cares for adults with intellectual disabilities and adults with autism. The Brambles homes and day support center are located in the 10 county region served by the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services.   

What Is A Group Home For Adults? 

Unlike in-patient care facilities, group homes for the intellectually disabled are healthcare operations that prioritize the personal care and development of each person. A close-knit group of individuals is attended to by a small number of healthcare and direct service professionals (DSP) charged with caring for an individual’s needs and actualizing their unique wants and desires.

How The Brambles Is Different

At The Brambles, we strive to revolutionize adult group homes by taking a specialized person-centered approach. An emphasis on community development, individuality, and independence is strengthened by attentive staff in every one of our ten residential group homes. 

Specifically built for the intellectually disabled over the age of 18, The Brambles is the perfect option for teenage children transitioning into adult life. The program strives to alleviate stress from family members and transitioning adults alike by providing an unmatched amount of care, love, and support.

Professional Support In A Caring, Home-Like Setting

Caring for those with intellectual and physical disabilities requires much more than just good intentions. Practical, authentic, and loving service must be provided at all times to allow the individual to grow and thrive in their unique situations.

At The Brambles, highly-trained staff members provide individuals with some of the most caring and innovative services possible, including:

  • Behavior, Communication, and Social Skill Support
  • Positive Hygiene Support And Domestic Skills
  • Personal Financial Skills
  • Access to Community Resources
  • Physical And Mental Health Support
  • Daily Living Activities And Care
  • Meal Planning And Preparation Assistance
  • Dietary Monitorization
  • Customized Person-Centered Plans
  • Residential Living Services
  • Group Day Services
  • Group Homes For The Intellectually Disabled (ID)

Our homes are here to serve the needs of ID adults and give their families peace of mind. If you are wondering who will provide the very best care for an ID adult, The Brambles is the answer.

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