Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders that affect an individual’s movement, muscle tone and/or posture and may include mental health or intellectual disabilities.

To give your loved one with cerebral palsy the best possible quality of life, consider The Brambles. We offer supportive programs and services near Newport News.

Your loved one with cerebral palsy can live in one of our residential group homes or participate in our Day Support program. Both of these options provide personalized care in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. Your loved one receives high-quality care that prioritizes dignity, comfort, and respect, and you gain peace of mind.

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The Brambles – Mathews County

300 Bella Terra Rd

Mathews, VA 23109

Residential Support Contact Info:

Call us: 804-725-3800

Email: veronica.gresham@bramblesva.com

Day Support Contact Info:

Call us: 804-725-4990

Email: tarsha.combsjones@bramblesva.com

Empower individuals with cerebral palsy to live a life of opportunity and independence.

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About The Brambles

The Brambles offers residential and day support for adults with cerebral palsy and other physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities. Family owned and operated near Newport News for more than a decade, The Brambles takes pride in offering a real home environment and supportive day services to our members.

Our professional, caring, and friendly staff treat each individual like family. We also understand the unique challenges of cerebral palsy. Everyone in our residential or day program has their own personalized plan that prioritizes dignity and supports quality of life.  

Available programs and services at The Brambles can include daily ADL assistance, social gatherings, health management, and transportation. We exist to empower individuals with cerebral palsy and assist them in achieving a fulfilling life.

Residential Living Near Newport News

Individuals with cerebral palsy who live at The Brambles experience a comfortable home environment in a neighborhood setting. In this warm and inviting environment, people thrive.

Every group home at The Brambles is custom-built and designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. The fully-furnished and decorated homes feature large, open spaces with handicap-accessibility, private bedrooms, spacious baths, gourmet kitchens, and immaculate surroundings.

Trained staff provide 24/7 care and monitoring for each individual we serve. With dedication, love, and professionalism, our staff members encourage individuals to conduct themselves at their highest level of ability. We provide programs and services such as craft and game time, outdoor activities and entertainment, and everyday life skills training.

Residents also receive the physical, social, mental, and health support they need. Our goal is to give your loved one with cerebral palsy the quality of life he or she wants and deserves.

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Day Support Center Near Newport News

Supporting individuals with cerebral palsy sometimes requires programs and services during daytime hours. The Day Support Center at The Brambles exists for this purpose.

Members of our day program receive personalized attention and opportunities to participate in activities based on their abilities and interests. Our newly-expanded Day Support Center features two activity rooms designed to encourage creativity, recreation, and socialization. Activities include arts, crafts, and games. The center also features a fully equipped kitchen, shower/bathing facilities, and a fenced outdoor courtyard.

We also offer round-trip transportation to each member of the Day Support Center. This service is one of many ways we support individuals and prioritize their needs.

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Dignified & Respectful Cerebral Palsy Services

Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities can live their best lives at The Brambles. Our cerebral palsy programs and services in Newport News include residential and day support. 

Consider the benefits of these programs and services as you provide your loved ones with dignity, respect, and quality of life they want and deserve.

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